Friday Schedule

Time: Noon to close

GM/Name: Dane Hanson

Game & Short Description: Betrayal legacy campaign
I have an unused betrayal legacy and want to run a all day campaign

# of Players: 5


Time: Noon to close

GM/Name: Sean Hoesing

Game & Short Description: D&D 5e Adventure’s League: Waterdeep Dragon Heist- Non Non-Hero Run!

Ever get sick of being the goodie goods and skipping around the flowers of friendship and happy thoughts? If so, this is the run for you! Join up and run a tavern, cause chaos, and find a hidden vault all while juggling your allies, enemies, and factions all wanting the gold! This will be following Adventure League rules and new players are welcomed!

# of Players: 7

NOTE:  All Weekend



Time: 2 PM – 5 PM

GM/Name: Stephen Vossler

Game & Short Description: Lords of Waterdeep
Including the Undercity and Scoundrels of Skullport expansions.

# of Players: 3 to 6


Time:  3 PM

Game & Description: Star Trek: Challenger RPG  (“Old Beginnings”)

GM: Brett Best

Description:  The crew of NX-03, “Challenger,” find themselves thrown into the future, thrust into the middle of a war defending a Federation they never knew from Klingon aggression (the Four Years War).  Will they survive a new battle in a new era?  This RPG features home-brewed rules for character and starship combat action resolution.
# of Players: 5


Time: 4 pm to midnight

GM/Name: Don Glewwe

Game & Short Description: Chain of Command. WW2 infantry combat.
Shrinking the Bulge, January ’45. During the German retreat as the battle winds down a tired, depleted American platoon has to cross yet another snowy field to clear out a farmhouse. A few Germans are ordered to delay the Allied advance to allow the escape of their comrades. No glory to be had, just trying to survive another day of the long winter – a bit like living here?

Available through the evening to try out the rules. Games can last from 2 to 4 hours or until patience/interest wanes.

# of Players: 2


Time: 8 pm

GM/Name: Dave Glewwe

Game & Short Description:  – Firefly the Board Game

Select your Leader. buy stuff, make Contacts, work the Job, avoid the Reavers and the Alliance Cruiser and Corvette. Keep Flyin’! All board expansions will be used as well as the new Misbehave Cards. No piracy. Break the Bank Mission!

# of Players: 4-6



Time: 8 PM

GM/Name: Victor Vossler

Game & Short Description: D&D 1st Edition: The Murderhobo Cafe

Come and join the epic adventures of the heroes that started their career in the Muderhobo Cafe. All players Welcome.

# of Players: 8