Vendors & Guests

Hello all! If you are interested in being a vendor for VerminCon please email us at before January 19th to be put on the schedule for being in the convention!

Here are our current guests!

1.) Fredd Gorham

Fredd has worked as a freelance illustrator for 25+ years for many comicbook and game companies. As a part of Shocktrauma Studios, he has helped work on such titles as SwampThing, X-Men, Superman, The Crow, and many others. In the game industry, he’s worked on game modules for Steve Jackson Games, GURPS, Palladium, Fantasy Flight Games and others. Recently, Fredd started Steel Angel Studios with is wife Linda to promote and sell his artwork in prints, books and other items of interest.

For the past 10 years, Fredd has hosted The Artist Jam at Krypton Comics in order to gather artists and like-minded individuals together into a creative community. The Artist Jam has been featured in the Omaha World-Herald, The Comics Journal  and The Comics Beat, and continues to grow. The Artist Jam occurs every third Saturday of the month from 12noon till 8pm. It is free to all ages.

Fredd also teaches workshops on creating comics at the Joslyn Art Museum ( Go to the website to find what workshops are available.

In his spare time, he enjoys mentoring young artists in hopes of directing their talent towards the future.

You can contact Fredd via these links:


Personal Page –

Fredd Gorham’s Sketchbook –

Steel Angel Studios –






Here is information for VENDORS:

USD Sales & Solicitation Policy & Request Form
Last Updated: 7/1/15
The University of South Dakota
Sales and Solicitation Policy and Request Form
In order to complement and adhere to the South Dakota Board of Regents Policy Manual regarding Commercial Solicitation of Students (3.7), The University of South Dakota enacts the following procedures to ensure that students have access to information about goods and services while preventing their commercial exploitation. Sales and Solicitation on USD property is strictly prohibited without authorization from the Muenster University Center. A copy of this authorized Sales and Solicitation form must be displayed at all times while on campus.
1. All sales and solicitations in the public areas of the campus of The University of South Dakota will be restricted to the appropriate areas inside or near the Theodore R. and Karen K. Muenster University Center and must be approved by the Muenster University Center Administration.
A. Sales and solicitations will be limited according to time, space, and manner as approved by the University. No group may reserve an area for more than five (5) consecutive days. The Muenster University Center Administration may deny an application for sales and solicitation when they appear to conflict with another previously scheduled program.
I. All sales and solicitation will be limited to Monday through Friday, during the hours of
9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. No sales or solicitations will be allowed the week prior to finals and
the week of finals.
II. All vendors must tear down displays daily. There is no place to store any items. Any items left behind are subject to removal by Muenster University Center Administration.
III. Areas available for sales and solicitation
i. Muenster University Center
ii. Muenster University Center Courtyard
iii. I.D. Weeks Library Courtyard
2. Definitions
A. “Solicitation,” as defined by USD, is asking for a donation or contribution of monies, goods or services or making a request or plea. Soliciting includes, but is not limited to: distributing or promoting through advertising any material; passing out literature; affixing posters or literature on bulletin boards as well as directly requesting donations, contributions, support, or membership from individuals or groups.
B. “Sales,” as defined by USD, is offering products or services in return for monies, goods or other services. This includes raffles or auctions.
C. “Recognized student organization” is defined as an organization that has gone through the approval process of USD’s Student Government Association, (SGA).
D. “University affiliated group” is defined as a group or an organization that is operated by, or affiliated with the University. This also includes faculty and staff groups.
E. “Approved vendors/organization” is defined as a vendor or organization that is not operated by or affiliated with the University and has completed the Sales and Solicitation Policy Form, has a reservation for the event on file, and the Muenster University Center administration has deemed their presence consistent with USD’s mission. This includes for- and not-for-profit groups.
3. Recognized student organizations, University affiliated groups, approved vendors and candidates for Student Senate or the Student Government Association administration may make reservations with the USD Sales & Solicitation Policy & Request Form
Muenster University Center Scheduling Office to use information tables, in the approved locations, for soliciting support for their organization, cause, or to sell approved items.
4. Anyone wishing to sell items must complete a Sales and Solicitation Form (available in the Muenster University Center Scheduling Office or online at:
and make reservations at least five (5) days prior to the event. Items sold, distributed or solicited on university property are the responsibility of the vendor, and do not imply any relationship with, or official sanction by, The University of South Dakota. All sales activities must comply with state and federal laws governing such transaction, and with all relevant Board policies. No sales involving obscene or unlawful goods or services shall be permitted, nor may vendors employ advertising or sales techniques that involve deception, fraud, misrepresentation, obscenity, use unlawful materials, equipment, performances or conduct, or use of other materials, equipment, performances, or any
manner of conduct, that unreasonably interferes with the usual and customary operations, activities, use and enjoyment of the Muenster University Center.
5. For-Profit organizations or vendors are prohibited from soliciting or selling items and/or services on University property without the sponsorship of a recognized student organization or USD administration. Each outside agency entering into this solicitation agreement will guarantee its sponsoring organization or USD administration a minimum of $50.00 per day or 15% of gross sales, whichever is greater. Checks should be made payable to the sponsoring student organization or to USD.
A. In those instances where payment is based on percentage of sales, the vendor shall provide detailed documentation supporting gross sales revenue. Gross sales is defined as all sales revenue generated under the sales activity described above, less applicable State of South Dakota sales tax.
B. Payment shall be made by the vendor to the Scheduling Office at the closing of the solicitation or sales event, but no later than 4:30 p.m.
6. There will be no solicitation of credit cards.
7. The distribution of flyers placed on vehicles is strictly prohibited.
8. All federal and state laws, city ordinances and University regulations must be followed. This includes filing for a sound permit, if applicable. City ordinances can be found on the City of Vermillion’s website:
9. Patrons of the University may not be approached physically or verbally in a manner such that their normal progress is impeded or diverted.
10. The sale or distribution of any item that would infringe upon, or in any way violate, a legal trademark or copyright will be prohibited. Exceptions will be granted only with the express written consent of the trademark or copyright holder.
11. Organizations or vendors may not sell items sold by any of USD’s contract partners due to the exclusive nature of those contractual agreements. Special exceptions may be granted by the Director of the Muenster University Center.
12. Individuals and organization vendors, despite their profit or non-profit status, must collect state and local sales tax on goods and services that are sold to consumers. It is the responsibility of the vendor to obtain a sales tax license before the start of sales and remit the appropriate amount due directly to the State Revenue Department.
13. Solicitation in the Residence Halls is subject to the policies as published by the Office of University Housing. These policies can be found at:
14. Minor fundraising activities, such as sales, raffles, etc. for service and student organizations are allowed in other buildings on campus at the discretion of the respective Dean or Director located in the building.
15. Groups, vendors or organizations agree to hold harmless and indemnify the State of South Dakota, the South Dakota Board of Regents, the University of South Dakota, their officers, agents or employees from and against any and all actions, suits, damage, liability or other proceeding that may arise as a result of the negligence, misconduct, error or omission of the State of South Dakota, the South Dakota Board of Regents, the University of South Dakota, their officers, agents or employees.
16. Groups, vendors or organizations expressly assumes full responsibility for any and all damages or injuries which may result to any person or property by reason of or in connection with the use of the facilities pursuant to this agreement, and agrees to pay the State for all damages caused to the facilities or grounds resulting from the group’s/vendor’s/organization’s activities hereunder.  Group/vendor/organization represents that its activities, pursuant to this agreement, will be supervised
by adequately trained personnel, and that all safety rules for the facility and the activity will be observed. The University of South Dakota and the Muenster University Center has no duty to and will not provide supervision of the activity.
17. The University of South Dakota and the Muenster University Center reserves the right to eject any objectionable person or persons from the premises upon the exercise of the authority through any agent or police personnel. Group/vendor/organization hereby waives any right to and claim for damages.
18. The University of South Dakota and the Muenster University Center shall be excused from performing any obligation or undertaking provided in this agreement in the event, and for so long as, the performance of any such obligation is prevented or delayed, retarded or hindered by an act of God, fire or earthquake, flood, explosion, actions of the elements, war, insurrection, strikes, walk-outs, action of labor, unions, condemnation of laws, orders of government or civilian and military authorities, or any other cause not within the reasonable control of the university, which shall render the performance of
this agreement impracticable. USD shall not be liable for any damage caused thereby, and this agreement, at the option of the university, shall be terminated and the unearned portion of any amount paid upon the execution of this lease agreement shall be returned to the group/vendor/organization.


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